Friday, March 7, 2008

Sat./Sabbath, 3/8-9/08 Devotion

Wahoo--one of God's 52 holy days this year is coming up, on Sunday (of course). To help get you ready for church, here is the famed TW, from his, "Happiness of Drawing Near to God" work:

"How shall we do to draw near to God?

"Let us contemplate the excellencies of God. He is the 'God of
glory,' (Ps. 29:3). [He is] full of orient beauty: in comparison of whom both angels and men are but as the 'small dust of the balance.' He is the 'God of love,' (2 Cor. 13:11), who triumphs in acts of mercy. Well may this encourage us in our approaches to Him who delights to display the banner of free grace to sinners. If we should hear of a person of honour who was of a lovely disposition, obliging all that came to him by acts of kindness and civility, it would make us ambitiously desirous to ingratiate ourselves with him and to obtain his acquaintance. God is the most sovereign good, the wonder of love, ready to diffuse the silver streams of His bounty to indigent creatures. This, if anything, will make us willing to draw near to Him and acquiesce in Him as the centre of felicity."