Friday, May 9, 2008

Sat./Sabbath, 5/10-11/08 Devotion

Yippee--Sunday is *almost* here! In order to get you ready for church, here is the great TW, from, "A Body of Divinity":

"What are the several species or kinds of Peace?

"Peace, in Scripture, is compared to a river which parts itself into two silver streams, (Isa. 66:12).

"1. There is an external peace, and that is, (a.): Economical, or peace in a family. (b.): Political, or peace in the state. Peace is the nurse of plenty. 'He makes peace in your borders, and fills you with the finest of the wheat,' (Psa. 147:14). How pleasant it is when the waters of blood begin to assuage, and we can see the windows of our ark open, and the dove returning with an olive branch of peace! (c.): Ecclesiastical, or peace in the church. As unity in Trinity is the greatest mystery in heaven, unity in truth is the greatest mercy on earth. Peace ecclesiastical stands in opposition to schism and persecution."