Monday, August 1, 2011

Mon., 8/1/11 Devotion (Acts 19:32)

Today's encouragement comes from Acts 19:32, where we read these words:

"Some therefore cried one thing and some another, for the assembly was confused, and most of them did not know why they had come to-

Wherever the gospel is preached, one of three results accrue: 1) solid belief, leading to a healthy church life; 2) hypocritical "belief," lead-
ing to eventual apostasy; or 3) (as here), plain old confusion.

Today, many professing Christians are thoroughly befuddled. Some have replaced baptism, with a "christian" tee shirt, (or "christian per-
fume"). This is a sad state of affairs. Still, let us not lose heart. May every enlightened believer serve to help confused people, and bring them to the Savior, and into strong churches (for their good).

[Puritan quote of the day: "It is a preposterous course, instead of obeying the gospel, and studying to be found in Christ, to be inquis-
itive whether we were elected from eternity or not." --William Ly-
ford, in "The Instructed Christian"]