Friday, May 15, 2015

Fri.-Sabbath, 5/15-17/15 Devotion

Yippee—it is *almost* Sunday! In order to help us get ready for church, here is Thomas Watson, from "The Ten Commandments":

"We dress our souls on a Sabbath morning by prayer; 'When you pray, enter into your closet,'  (Matt 6:6). Prayer sanctifies a Sabbath.

"The things we should pray for in the morning of the Sabbath. Let us beg a blessing upon the word which is to be preached; that it may be a savour of life to us; that by it our minds may be more illuminated, our corruptions more weakened, and our stock of grace more increased. Let us pray that God's special presence may be with us, that our hearts may burn within us while God speaks, that we may receive the word into meek and humble hearts, and that we may submit to it, and bring forth fruits, (James 1:21). Nor should we only pray for ourselves, but for others."