Friday, September 25, 2015

Fri.-Sabbath, 9/25-27/15 Devotion

Wahoo—it is almost Sunday! We get to go to church! In order to help get us ready for Sabbath worship, here is Thomas Watson, from his, "Picture of a Godly Man" book:

"Question: How does faith work patience? Answer: Faith argues the soul into patience. Faith is like that town clerk in Ephesus who allayed the contention of the multitude and argued them soberly into peace, (Acts 19:35, 36). So when impatience begins to clamour and make a hubbub in the soul, faith ap-peases the tumult and argues the soul into holy patience. Faith says, 'Why are you disquieted, O my soul?,' (Psa. 42:5).

"Are you afflicted? Is it not your Father who has done it? He is carving and polishing you and making you fit for glory. He smites that He may save. What is your trial? Is it sickness? God shakes the tree of your body so that some fruit may fall, even 'the peaceable fruit of righteousness,' (Heb. 12:11). . . . Do you suffer reproach for Christ's sake? 'The spirit of glory and of God rests up-on you,' (1 Pet. 4:14). Thus faith argues and disputes the soul into patience."