Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wed., 10/28/15 Devotion (Ps. 119:86c)

Today's encouragement comes from Psalm 119:86c, where we read these two words:

" . . . Help me!"

Sometimes the best prayers are the simplest ones. God is not impressed with flowery oratory in prayer. He would rather hear a few syllables of gut-wrench-ing honesty, than a whole dissertation of religious insincerity.

Do we need help today? Let us ask Christ for it. Let us be as specific as we can be, for our own soul's well-being; but let us not for a moment think that the Lord cannot figure out what we are trying to say—if we are having a hard time getting the words out. Prayer is important—but it is not a magical genie coming out of a bottle; and God does not hold us to any particular formulas.

[Puritan quote of the day: "There is no such thing as any inordinateness in holy affections; there is no such thing as excess in longings after the discov-eries of the beauty of Christ Jesus . . . Men may be as covetous as they please (if I may so speak) after spiritual riches . . . “ —Jonathan Edwards, in one of his sermons]