Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thurs., 2/18/16 Devotion (Lk. 4:22c)

Today's encouragement comes from Luke 4:22c, where we read these words:

" . . . And they said, 'Is this not Joseph’s son?' "

The people that made this statement (above) had just been marveling at how wonderful Christ was. Later in the chapter, however, they were ready to try to throw the Messiah over the cliff of their town (Nazareth). The problem these Nazarenes had was that they thought Jesus was "Joseph's son." They could not conceive of Him as being the Son of God, (and not of a mere man: Jo-seph).

Such is the nature of almost all theological heresy: it starts with a mistaken foundation. If Jesus was not the Son of God, He would not be sinless. In that case, He could also not atone for sinners, since He Himself would have to deal with His own sin nature. Let us recognize Jesus for who He is: the Son—not of Joseph—but of God Himself.

[Puritan quote of the day: "Defilers and profaners of ordinances [preaching and sacraments], by known and allowed wickedness, provoke God more than the heathen who have no ordinances.” —Jonathan Edwards, in his sermon, "A Warning to Professors of Religion"]