Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thurs., 5/19/16 Devotion (Isa. 19:24-25)

Today's encouragement comes from Isaiah 19:24 & 25, which finds the pro-phet writing these remarkable words:

"In that day Israel will be one of three with Egypt and Assyria—a blessing in the midst of the land, whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, 'Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inher-itance.' "

We should be so encouraged by the New Covenant's promises of the gos-pel’s and the church's universality, and realized victory. For Isaiah to proph-esy these words must have seemed extremely preposterous and impossible to his contemporaries. But, because of the coming of the "Rod from the stem of Jesse [Christ]," (Isa. 11:1 ff.)—the fulfillment of this prophecy was not only possible, but inevitable. (For a good NT explanation of the folding together of all the nations into the church, see Eph. 2, esp. vv. 11-13.)

Let us revel in the wonderful strength of our Savior; and thank God for His comprehensive rule of the entire world.

[Puritan quote of the day: "Which of these two is more fit to take place, God's justice or man's reason? . . . The plumb line of our reason is too short to fath-om the depth of God's justice.” —Thomas Watson, in, "A Body of Divinity"]