Friday, June 17, 2016

Fri.-Sabbath, 6/17-19/16 Devotion

As we prepare for Sunday's church worship, let us allow these words of Jon-athan Edwards, from his sermon entitled, "A Warning to Professors of Reli-gion," to bless our hearts:

"When we are in attendance on the ordinances of divine worship, we are in the special presence of God. When persons come and attend on the ordin-ances of God, they are said to come before God, and to come into His pre-sence. Jer. 7:10: 'Come and stand before Me, in this house which is called by My Name.' Ps. 100:2: 'Come before His presence with singing.'

"In diving ordinances, person have immediate [interaction] with God, either in applying to Him (as in prayer and singing praises), or in receiving from him, waiting solemnly and immediately on Him for spiritual good (as in hearing the Word), or in both applying to God and receiving from Him (as in the sacra-ments [baptism and the Lord's Supper])."