Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tues., 8/30/16 Devotion (1 Sam. 23:14)

Today's encouragement comes from 1 Samuel 23:14, where we read these words:

"And David stayed in strongholds in the wilderness, and remained in the mountains in the Wilderness of Ziph. Saul sought him every day, but God did not deliver him into his hand."

The devil, and God's enemies seek the Lord's true churchmen "every day"; but thankfully, our Father does not allow us to be delivered into their hands. There are times when it is appropriate for us to hide in God's "strongholds"; and there are other times when we have to go on the offensive, and put the devil to flight (cf. Jas. 4:7).

In any case, there is never a permanent reprieve from this spiritual dynamic down here. All the time, we are to be watchful and diligent—knowing that Jesus is our Eternal (and temporal) Refuge.

[Puritan quote of the day: "The fragrance of the graces of God's Spirit in His people, which is delightful to God and His saints, puts wicked men into a rage.” —Jeremiah Burroughs, in, "The Excellency of a Gracious Spirit"]