Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tues., 2/7/17 Devotion (Mk. 10:50)

Today's encouragement comes from Mark 10:50, where we read these words:

"And throwing aside his garment, [blind Bartimaeus] rose and came to Jesus."

This Bartimaeus fellow is a great example of how God wants us to come to Jesus. First of all, he has a big problem: blindness. But the man did not have any trouble speaking, and he was incessantly yelling out for Christ's attention. Bartimaeus was so obnoxious, that those around him told him to shut up. But Jesus specifically called him to come to Him.

The blind man threw off his garment, and came to Christ. Let us also throw off our faithless "garments" today, that hinder our coming to the Messiah. Let us cast off sin clothing, worry overcoats, self-importance garb, and  social-ac-ceptance attire. Whatever it takes: we need to come to Jesus today.

[Puritan quote of the day: "Let not ministers be either shaken with fear or se-duced with flattery.” —Thomas Watson, in, "The Beatitudes"]