Friday, April 22, 2011

Fri.-Sabbath, 4/22-24/11 Devotion

Wahoo--we actually *get* to go back to church again this Sunday! In order to help get us ready for Sabbath worship, here is Thomas Wat-
son, from his "A Body of Divinity" book. . . .

"When we speak of God's glory, the question will be moved, 'What are we to understand by God's glory?'

"There is a twofold glory: [1] The glory that God has in Himself, His intrinsic glory. Glory is essential to the Godhead, as light is to the sun: He is called the 'God of Glory,' (Acts 7:2). Glory is the sparkling of the Deity; it is so co-natural to the Godhead, that God cannot be God without it. The creature's honour is not essential to his being. A king is a man without his regal ornaments, when his crown and royal robes are taken away; but God's glory is such an essential part of His being, that He cannot be God without it. God's very life lies in His glory. This glory can receive no addition, because it is infinite; it is that which God is most tender of, and which He will not part with, (Isa 48:11): 'My glory I will not give to another.' God will give tempor-
al blessings to His children, such as wisdom, riches, honour; He will give them spiritual blessings, He will give them grace, He will give them His love, He will give them heaven; but His essential glory He will not give to another. King Pharaoh parted with a ring off his finger to Joseph, and a gold chain, but he would not part with his throne, (Gen 41:40): 'Only in the throne will I be greater than you.' So God will do much for His people; He will give them the inheritance; He will put some of Christ's glory, as mediator, upon them; but His essen-
tial glory He will not part with; 'in the throne He will be greater.'

"[2] The glory which is ascribed to God, or which His creatures labour to bring to Him. 1 Chron 16:29: 'Give unto the Lord the glory due unto His Name.' And, 1 Cor 6:20: 'Glorify God in your body, and in your spirit.' The glory we give God is nothing else but our lifting up His Name in the world, and magnifying Him in the eyes of others.
Php 1:20: 'Christ shall be magnified in my body.' "