Friday, March 4, 2016

Fri.-Sabbath, 3/4-6/16 Devotion

Wahoo—Sunday is almost here! We get to go to church. To help get us ready, here is Thomas Watson, from, "The Happiness of Drawing Near to God":

"If we would draw near to God, let us understand our own needs. Let us con-sider in what need we stand for God and that we cannot be happy without Him. The prodigal son never drew near to his father, until he ‘began to be in want,’ Luke 15:14. A proud sinner, who was never convinced of his needs, has no interest in coming near to God; he has a supply of his own to live up-
on—Jer 2:31: ‘We are lords; we will come no more to You [God].’ A full sto-mach despises the honeycomb.

"It is the sense of want [need] which brings us near to God. Why did so many lame and paralytical people resort to Christ, but because they wanted a cure. Why does the thirsty man draw near to a fountain but because he wants water. Why does a condemned man draw near his prince but because he wants a pardon. When a poor soul truly surveys his wants: 'I want grace; I want the favor of God, I am damned without Christ’—this makes him draw near to God, and be an earnest supplicant for mercy."