Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tues., 2/22/11 Devotion (Lk. 8:25a)

Today's encouragement comes from Luke 8:25a, where we read these words:

"But [Jesus] said to [His disciples], 'Where is your faith?' "

Our Lord Jesus does not ask the twelve, "Why don't you have enough faith?" (above). Instead, He asks, "*Where* is your faith?" Sometimes our faith may seem to "leave" us, or go away, or be absent (especially when we need it). Christ implies that had His followers summoned their faith, they would not have needed to wake the Messiah from His nap (on the boat).

Today, we will hear all the bad news in the world, and we (even God's churchmen) will be tempted to fear, or be rattled to such an extent that we say--like the twelve--"We are perishing!" (v. 24). Instead, let us rally our faith, and call it to mind. As we do so, we are ushering to our hearts, and our sides, our Lord Jesus Himself.

[Puritan quote of the day: "God must be revealed to us as lovely and desirable . . . before we can ever love God. The saints, in this sense, do not love God for nothing." --John Owen, in, "Communion with God"]