Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wed., 2/23/11 Devotion (Ex. 6:9)

Today's encouragement comes from Exodus 6:9, which says this:

"Moses spoke thus to the children of Israel; but they did not heed Moses, because of anguish of spirit and cruel bondage."

There is a sense in which a broken spirit and very difficult life cir-
cumstances sometimes make listening to the ministers of God quite hard to do. And yet, the very desired deliverance from these troubles is dependent upon the *hearing* of the gospel of grace. In the case of Moses, he persevered, and eventually won the ears and hearts of the people; but it did not come "automatically."

May we be patient with those who are especially-burdened with heavy cares and concerns. Love demands that we continue to speak to them. Compassion calls for our going the extra mile with them.

[Puritan quote of the day: "Suffer we must. Before we were born, God decreed it; and it is easier to complain of His decree than to change it." --Samuel Rutherford, in, "Letters of Samuel Rutherford"]